Who We Are

The “Peer” in TechPeer derives from the belief that technology should be used to assist businesses grow. It shouldn’t be something you fear.

Our job is to help companies get rid of the dread that usually comes with using technology for non-technical leaders. TechPeer expands on the idea of local success with a grassroots strategy for small and large businesses alike. 

The team has extensive knowledge with branding, design, app development, and cloud computing providers AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

Our Values

We think like business owners, Not developers

Developers define success as when a project is delivered on time and within budget. While this is important, it is not the metric that matters most to our customers. What matters most for business owners is if their product delivers value to the customer and gets them closer to generating revenue. Getting a website built isn't a win; building a website that generates leads and allows you to get data from your customers is. We want to build things that push your business further.

We don't just build, We solve problems

There are a lot of developers that can build an app. There are fewer that can tell you why you need to build it. We don't build overly complicated solutions just because we can (or because it the only way we know how). We pride ourselves on finding the simplest, most cost-effective way to solve your problems. Sometimes that means building customized solutions. Other times, we may use pre-bult solutions. We are here to help you achieve your goals as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Who We Work With is Important

We want to build great products with great people and great organizations.
Our goal is to build long lasting relationships with organizations who are looking for a partner to help guide technology in their business. In order to stay true to this value, we put extra emphasis on having the right fit with our clients. If you are merely looking for the lowest-cost vendor, then we are likely not a good fit for your business. We are selective about our partners.

Meet Our Founder

Patrick Bentley is the Founder of TechPeer with 10 years of development, design and cloud architecting experience. 

Patrick has worked at Google, Amazon and worked with organizations in the U.S., UAE, Nigeria, and Bahrain to help them create innovative technology implementation strategies. 

Patrick Bentley, founder of techpeer

Patrick Bentley