August 19, 2022

Is Your Logo The Right Logo?

When you think of a logo, what do you think of? Likely one of the ones above comes to mind.  Even though the actual company names are not integrated into these designs, many people worldwide recognize these logos and know the brands they represent, even with different colors. But hey, if global recognition isn’t good enough for you, read on.

Having a logo is an integral part of making your brand successful – right up there with high-quality products and positive referrals. Your logo can grab people’s attention quickly and communicate your company’s core values in an interesting way. Consumers love beautiful, cohesive, and well designed products.  Why should your logo be any different?  Keep in mind, you need to design the RIGHT logo.  Sometimes logos can be so disjointed that they don’t tell the story of your company or connect to your prospective clients.  

Brand Identity

When thinking of your logo design, ask yourself, what do you want your customers to feel about your brand? This may seem obvious, but your first step to creating a great logo is identifying what it is that the logo is going to represent. Think about your company values, value proposition, and more. What are the characteristics of your target market? What cultural attributes may affect the overall logo design?


Some companies rush the logo design process, coming up with something quickly and then tweaking it over and over; or worse, they cycle through one style after another with no luck. At TechPeer, we recommend you take the information you’ve gathered about your brand or product and come up with a visual representation, or even a mood board, to help guide the process. This will lead you in the right direction from the start, rather than jumping around to different colors, patterns, and styles at random. Not only will your end result be better, but in the long run, you’ll get there with much less reinventing the wheel and headache.   


Complex symbols and fonts have a tendency to add clutter. Think of the logos and brands you recognize most easily… Simplicity is a common feature of these companies’ logos.  Your logo should be one that will get placed on business cards, logos, letterhead, the company location and your website. If you add too many elements and fonts, it makes scaling very difficult. 

If your business is that of baking sweets for children, you may want your logo to focus on things that evoke the feeling of deliciousness, fun, and sweetness, rather than adult themes such as sensuality and finery.  The color palette may be one that is both bright and energetic, as the color can be one of the most powerful aspects of the logo.  Also, the typography should mirror the brand’s objectives.  Using the same bakery example, that company likely wouldn’t use a cursive or italicized font type.

Over to You

Remember that any logo, no matter how great, will not appeal to everyone. Strive to make a logo that reflects your brand values and represents your product in a memorable and impactful way.  The logo is a vital part of building a successful business and brand. However, designing a professional logo does not need to be complicated. In fact, at TechPeer, we have made the process easy.  We love to hear from you, and as you can probably tell, we’re happy to talk design and branding any day, just book a chat!

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