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What We Do

We focus on a few core services that provide clients with customized websites that result in increased traffic, sales and an easy user experience. 

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Your branding is more than just your logo. You need a system of assets you can use anywhere. We build powerful brands.

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Web Design

A well-designed website is the cornerstone to your marketing strategy. We use design best practices to deliver impactful web presence.

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We have combined decades of experience developing everything from sites to mobile apps.

The Process

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"All Innovation begins with vision.
It’s what happens next that is critical."
-Eric Ries

What People Say

"I found the team to be very useful and knowledgeable. They are subject matter experts in web design. They also gave us additional features to add to our website to increase revenue. I've had other web designers, but they were not as hands on as this team."

Curtis Wilson
Curtis Wilson

What People Say

"We had an idea that we knew clients would use, but had no idea how to we could get the idea in front of our customers. Working with Patrick gave us the one-on-one help we needed to turn our idea into an application that is generating revenue for us. Patrick guided us through a process where we clarified and focused our idea and got it into our customers' hands fast."

Ben Flanagan
Partner, Archipelago
Ben Flanagan

What People Say

"Their thoroughness, quickness in reponse, and honesty about requests is appreciated. The team also pays attention to detail and that is valued. I would absolutely recommend TechPeer Consulting to a business owner who's not extremely tech versed because the team is going to make sure you understand what you need done and get the job done."

Tara Turner
Founder HBCU Elite
Tara Turner

What People Say

"TechPeer helped me take my idea and turn it into an app and business. I launched my app with confidence and started receiving revenue quickly."

Simba Chikwanda
Founder Sivtech Bahrain
Simba Chikwanda
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Who We are

Our specialty is providing clients with customized website experiences that result in increased traffic, sales and an easy user experience.

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